Marie DiBenedetto

I received a Reiki session from Bill. He was professional, friendly, courteous, and very right on the spot. During the session I discovered some underlying issues I had tucked away. He was very supportive as I dealt with them. After, he asked if I was ok to leave. Was very impressed with his style Will definitely get other sessions with him.

Jackie Mailhot

 I was attuned to Reiki-Holy Fire II, master / teacher when I was 8.5-9  months pregnant and it was definitely one of the most relaxing and  spiritually uplifting experiences i have ever experienced. The  attunement has helped me prepare for my journey and shed away areas in  my life that no longer serve a purpose for my higher good and that i had  trouble letting go of. My baby is now 6 months old and an extremely  good / easy baby and I really believe  being attuned to Reiki while pregnant not only relaxed me but also gave  my baby a peaceful journey into this world. I met Bill as a paranormal  investigator and he was one of the only people i have met that have been  able to effectively validate my own experiences. He is also very  knowledgeable and experienced with the healing properties of crystals  and can incorporate them into healing sessions. I highly recommend him  to anyone seeking spiritual insight, peaceful relaxation, or even just  paranormal and spiritual validation. 

Vanessa Paiano

Bill has great intuition and truly serves as a vessel for healing.