What is a Lemurian Crystal?

Lemuria was a civilization to believed between Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands. (Similar to Atlantis) Highly evolved 5th dimensional Star Beings- The Lemurian culture was deeply committed to the highest service to all and was their highest priority. They lived in complete harmony within their communities and radiated this harmony to all. The only physical evidence we have of their presence are the Lemurian crystals, Redwood trees, and Dolphins. 

These crystals were programmed to assist us. They are quartz, in different varieties of colors and shapes. They resonate with the Ley lines of the Earth. All are scored with parallel lines, similar to a "barcode" containing ancient wisdom needed for our spiritual development and soul's purpose.

What can I expect from a Lemurian Crystal Healing?

Lemurian crystals emit a pure, innocent, and unconditionally loving 5th dimensional energy that raises your vibrational energy to enhance healing of the mind and body.


Full crystal healing session ($30)

(Can be included with Reiki session)